Tourist Cambodian Visa:
Getting It On Arrival

Although you can now get an electronic tourist Cambodian visa, the on-arrival visa application process is still in place.

Some people don’t mind waiting for their visa to be processed on the spot,  some don't want to pay that additional $5 e-visa processing fee, and some couldn't find the time to apply online.

Whatever the reason is, getting an on-arrival Cambodian visa is easy. You just fill out the visa application form, provide a passport photos, pay for the fee, and wait for it to be processed. 

What you need to apply for the on-arrival tourist Cambodian visa:
  1. Passport with at least one page empty for the visa, and more than 6 months validity
  2. Application form, provided at the airport
  3. $20 application fee
  4. One (1) passport sized photo
  5. A pen (or you’ll need to borrow around) to fill in your form

The application form

As soon as you step into the airport, look for the visa application form stand. There you'll find the little white visa forms with an orange border. In Siem Reap airport, it’s usually on your left as you walk in the airport building.

The form is so short and simple that it’ll take you only minutes to fill it out. You’ll also need a passport photo for the application. If you happen to forget yours, the authorities can help you, but you’ll need to pay a few dollars to have your photo taken.

Submitting the form

There’s a line where you should submit this form. They only take cash for the payment, but if you’re short on paper money, there’s are at least two ATM machines at the Siem Reap airport arrival hall..

The fee for a tourist visa is US $20, and the visa is valid for 30 days.

They will take the visa form, the photo, the fee, and your passport here.

Picking up your passport

It takes them a while to process your on-arrival visa request, about 15 – 20 minutes. It could be longer depending on the number of people who are also applying for it. While waiting, they will ask you to wait near the passport collection area.

When your visa is done, they will call out your name and hand the passport to you. Sometimes they don’t call out your name, they just raise up a passport with the info page visible, and let whoever owns in comes forward to take it.

The immigration process

Once you have your passport back, the very last thing you need to do is go through the immigration process. Depending on the season, there could be a long line at the immigration. But if you’re lucky, the line could be empty by the time you receive your passport back.

Immigration in Cambodia is simple as well. They don't ask any questions, although they use a lot of stamps. They will also take a photo of you with a web camera before they let you go.

There's something funny, though. Although Cambodia is the land of smiles, and you will indeed see many smiling faces while in Cambodia, the immigration officers don't reflect this at all. But then again, the sour faces of the officers are probably the only time that you'll have experience that. 

So in short…

Getting an on-arrival Cambodian visa is easy and relatively painless, even though there is a bit of waiting time.

P.S. For travelers who are running out of passport pages and plan to travel to some other countries, you might want to consider getting an e-visa instead. An on-arrival tourist visa takes one full page in your passport, while an e-visa takes none.

P.P.S. For up-to-date information about visa requirements and so forth, check this official visa site by Cambodian government.

To find out how to get an electronic Cambodia visa, click here. The process is easy, fast, and simple, but you do have to plan and get it in advance.

If you’re planning to stay in Cambodia for more than 30 days, why not apply for a business Cambodia visa instead? After the initial 30 days of validity, you can renew the visa without having to go out of the country.

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