The Villa Siem Reap :
One Of The Best Siem Reap Hotels

On our first time in Cambodia, we stayed at The Villa Siem Reap, and it was Wonderful. Yes, wonderful with a capital W.

From the clean rooms, to the good food, to the unique tours, it was everything we could ever think of for an introduction to Siem Reap and Angkor Wat. All for a very reasonable price.

That said, for casual travelers who travel only during the holidays, The Villa Siem Reap was a one stop shop for having a great time in Siem Reap.

Booking the rooms

We booked our room directly from with The Villa, and it was just a matter of filling out the information online, which was then confirmed via email.

They asked for our credit card information to hold the room, but did not charge it at that time. We reconfirmed our reservation a day before our departure, and received an email back that everything was already set.

Airport pickup

Arriving in Siem Reap, it was a relief to see our name amongst the sea of tuktuk drivers. For a casual traveler, it could be daunting to be greeted by so many offers. So we were happy to bypass any stressful experience when The Villa sent a driver to pick us up. 

The room

The air conditioned room was cheery, bright, and very clean. They really meant it when they say that their rooms are immaculately clean. It also had lots of natural light because of large windows.

The bed and pillows were comfy enough, with fresh linen sheet that made me want to sleep in it.

There’s also a writing table, a matching chair, two nightstands, a pen and notepad for scribbling, Siem Reap brochures, a TV, and a mini-refrigerator.

The bathroom was also clean, and really large. It has a hot water shower, fresh towels, soap, and shampoo. Just outside the bathroom there’s a small luggage rack and a few clothes hangers.

All in all, for $16 a night, I thought I was getting a bargain.

The location

The Villa is only about a 10 minute walk to the Center Market, and another 10 – 15 minutes walk to the Old Market. There’s also an Express mini-market at the gas station nearby, where you can get some batteries, water, and snacks.

The food

Our first encounter with Cambodian food was at the restaurant in The Villa Siem Reap. We ordered their beef loklak, and were instantly hooked. Their Amok was okay, and their pineapple shake was excellent.

After a long day touring the temples and surroundings, we were actually looking forward to go back and have our combo dinner of beef loklak and pineapple shake. We had it at least 4 times during our 6 night stay there. We sure did miss out the experience of eating out, but our stomachs didn’t complain.

The tours!

The tours were the reason we chose to stay at The Villa Siem Reap. We were interested in so many of their tours, that we decided it’s more convenient to just stay there instead of somewhere else.

They have some amazing tours that allows for visitors to get an authentic Cambodian experience. And all of them have very reasonable prices. For every single day we stayed at The Villa, we had a tour planned, and we're glad we did.

Some of the tours that we thought were exceptional were the trip to the jungle Beng Mealea temple, and to the Kampung Phluk river village. Those were the great moments that I don’t think we would have experienced if not for The Villa Siem Reap.
These are high praises, I know, but what can I say.

No One Is Perfect

Although our overall experience at The Villa was very satisfactory, no one’s perfect. At least not at $16 a night. During our stay, we had 2 minor hiccups.

We found that during the night there’s some loud music going on at the next door’s big Cambodian restaurant. It looks like they have a show every night, and the music blared through our room window which was right next to it. The show stopped at around 10 pm, after which it’s quiet time. I know that this is out of the Villa’s control, and 10pm is after all a decent cut off time.

So if you think this will bother you a whole lot, request a room on the other side. The effect should be minimal there. For some people this might not even be an issue, since 10 pm is probably too early to be sleeping when the Pub Street is still alive. But for others who have had a long day at the temple, 9 pm might be a perfect time to hit the bed. If you are that tired, though, chances are a little music wouldn’t bother you.

We also found some errors on our final bill. They were corrected as soon as we pointed them out, but it would be better if it was correct the first time.

So in short..

Not everyone is a seasoned traveler, ready to tackle every uncertainty of a location or plan out a trip in great detail. And for those people, there's The Villa Siem Reap.

If you’re a traveler who likes to have things taken care of for you, who likes it simple and easy, try staying at The Villa Siem Reap. With a minimal amount of planning, you can have a great vacation, and all without having to pay a lot for it.

Siem Reap Hotels

We had a great holiday in Angkor Wat largely because of their help, and we heartily recommend them to fellow travelers. Even when we have not tried many hotels in Siem Reap, we're sure that The Villa is one of the best out there.

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