THE CAMBODIAN MAN-Please Don't Pass Me By

THE CAMBODIAN MAN-Please Don't Pass Me By

by Lynn McNeil
(Sacramento,CA USA)

I go to 2 donuts shops here in Sacramento that are owned by Cambodian people. These 2 couples also speak Cantonese. I walk in everyday and speak Cantonese or French to one of the couples. I told one of the wives that I went to several bookstores and libraries searching for Cambodian language books but none of the stores carried them. And the only Cambodian books they have in the libraries are dictionaries only, and only with the Cambodian writing.

I have learned 10 languages PHONETICALLY & chose to learn Cambodian likewise. So knowing that you can Google ANYTHING, I did a goggle and found you :). I am a polyglot by nature, an African-American with an M.A. in Spanish with a double minor in Chinese & French and was interested in learning the KHMER language
phonetically and your website has helped me tremendously.

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