Star Cafe at Angkor Star Hotel

Star Cafe at Angkor Star Hotel

by Steve Pallister (Muhammad Abbass)
(Perth, Australia)

This was the single worst experience of my restaurant dining career. So many items on the menu have ham or bacon I wonder where the halal part comes into it. My wife's order was reasonable, at least they didn't include the ham and bacon on a club sandwich as I requested. However my order was turned into a nightmare. Instead of lime juice I was served weak iced tea with a piece of lime on the side. OK I thought maybe just a language problem. Unfortunately not. The roast chicken breast with roast potato and butter vegetables arrived as cold roast chicken which had apparently been chopped up with a chainsaw. No mouthful was without numerous bone chips and various bits of chicken entrails hanging off it. A plate of cold rice (where was rice even mentioned on the menu?) and cold raw vegetables. No roast potato in sight and there was a bowl of something which looked, smelled and tasted like vomit, it was also cold. On complaining, I was brought a plate of french fries to add to this disgusting mess. All this for the highest price I had yet paid for a meal in Cambodia in three months. For the first time in my life I refused to eat what was brought to me, I complained and refused to pay for such an insult, indeed an assault on my palate. Two hours later I can still smell the bowl of cold vomit even though I have tried to wash the taste away with lime juice and coke back at our hotel. I am sorry to say this was atrocious and to call it halal borders on fraud.

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