The Beach Town of Cambodia

Sihanoukville, 240km to the South of Phnom Peng, is one of Cambodias premier beach areas. The bus to Sihanoukville ($7 fare) unloaded its passengers at the town's transport centre 4 hours after leaving Phnom Peng and very quickly adapt to the quiet peaceful pace of life after the noise and hustle of Phnom Peng.

Once again we were lucky to pick another great guest house, The Beach Road Hotel. This is a fairly new facility with room rates of $8 fan rooms or $13 air conditioned rooms.  Once settled in hired scooters from the hotel ($6 per day) and toured the Port area, shopping centre and the beaches along the coast.  This is a convenient way to explore the area especially as there is not a lot of traffic on the roads. 

The beaches with their clear, tepid seas offered perfectly safe conditions to swimmers.  It was a very relaxing time and for seafood lovers the beach vendors were a real treat.  Where else would you have traders cooking lobster tails or seafood kebabs in front of you?  And for a cost of $1 for 5 small lobster tails or 5 squid and baby octopus kebabs.  In fact the seafood dishes at the guest houses and restaurants were superb and applied great value for money.

Next door to the guest house is an interesting feature in a boutique cinema.  The ‘Top Cat’ is one of the most homely movie theatres you could imagine.  Patrons have the choice of cane lounge suites or cushions to watch their movie selection.  In keeping with the flavour of our recent travels we watched the ‘The Killing Fields’ which was one of the 4 daily movies offered. This must be one of the few movie theatres where patrons pay for tickets ($2) plus any refreshments on the way out of the theatre.

Sadly our time in Cambodia came to an end but the group agreed that this was good bye for now and would be back in Cambodia in the future. Despite the past turmoil the people here are very friendly and open to communication with visitors and like to share their jokes and laughter with all around.

Written by Mike Ibbertson from The Cambodian Adventure.

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