Siem Reap's
Angkor Trade Center

Here are some more pictures of the Siem Reap Angkor Trade Center.

Siem Reap Trade Center - Front
This is the outside of the of the large building.
It's 3 story high, and still has lots of empty spaces.

Siem Reap Trade Center - Frozen food area
The frozen food area, and they have very few produce, as you can see.
They have French fries, some kinds of nuggets, and frozen vegetables also, like peas and carrots.

Siem Reap Trade Center - Household area
Household area, could be useful if you're moving to SiemReap.
There's different sizes of pots and pans, kettles, floor mops, brooms, and others.

Siem Reap Trade Center - Cashier line
The cashier line opens up to the first floor of the building.
The building itself is large, but not all the spaces are filled in.

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