Many Siem Reap Restaurants
One Curry Walla (Indian)

One of Siem Reap restaurants was dubbed Best Value for Your Money in 2006, and that restaurant was Curry Walla on Sivatha Blvd.

I decided to try it based on that claim alone.

The restaurant is located on Sivatha Blvd., in between the Central Market and the Angkor Market. Location wise, it is easy to get to.

Siem Reap Restaurants : Curry Walla from sidewalk
Curry Walla from the sidewalk of Sivatha Blvd.

They also have a wide range of dishes available. Everything from the usual Indian dishes like Tandoori to meal sets from $4+ per person.

I chose the vegetable Thali and decided to get it as takeaway because they offer free delivery within Siem Reap (isn’t that great) and I wanted to see how they packaged the food so I would know what to expect should I happen to order it from ‘home.'

Strange curiosity, I know, but what can I say.

While waiting for the food, they asked me if I’d like to use the free internet they provide to customers. They did not need to ask me twice. Of course I would love to use the internet! In this day and age, who wouldn't?

I expected the connection speed to be rather slow like at Le Tigre de Papier, but I was pleasantly surprised. The speed was faster than even the best internet café I'd been to in Siem Reap. Everything loaded quickly and I got my ‘business’ done in mere minutes. No more waiting around for a page to load. It was such a delight.

Siem Reap Restaurants : Curry Walla resto
The restaurant

After waiting a bit longer for my food, it was ready. I paid $4 for the big, fat package and went home happily.

At the guest house, I could not wait to open the package and start eating. There was enough food in there to last me two meals. This is what it looked like.

Siem Reap Restaurants : Curry Walla veggie set
The vegetable thali set from Curry Walla

The food itself was good. I did not have any complaints. They included three kinds of vegetable dishes, white rice, chutneys, a bread paratha, and pickles with the meal set. A spoon and fork was also included.

I could not even picture the food outside the container. Why? I was too busy eating of course.

Siem Reap Restaurants : Curry Walla halal signSo in short…

Would I go back to Curry Walla or call for a delivery? Yes, of course. I even took a photo of their menu. I suppose you could order from memory if you're familiar with Indian food. They are sure to have whatever you'd like.

P.S. If you are a Muslim looking for halal food, this Siem Reap restaurant has it!

Siem Reap Restaurants : Curry Walla menu
Part of Curry Walla's menu

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