Siem Reap's Best Cookies and Shakes:
Madam Sachiko Cookies and
Cafe Puka Puka

I stopped at Siem Reap's Madam Sachiko Cookies store and Café Puka Puka on my way back from biking to Angkor Wat.

I was so tired after visiting the temples and biking 20 plus kilometers that day, and so I decided to have a quick rest at the Café and to check out the cookie store.  

It turns out, that stop became the highlights of my day!

A rather lofty statement considering that I had gone through a pretty amazing day until then.

Earlier, I had biked the Angkor petit circuit for the first time, I almost died getting lost in the jungle trying to find Ta Nei temple through the French dam, and I had a marvelous lunch at Angkor Wat’s moat with three Cambodian little girls, who each made me wildflower wreaths. I thought the day could not possibly have gotten better.

Then came Madam Sachiko cookies and the watermelon shake at Café Puka Puka, and I realized how wrong I was.

Madam Sachiko Cookies

Although I’m not big on cookies, and have not found many worthy cookies for a while, the cookies at Madam Sachiko were utterly delicious. They are so light, they have the perfect texture, they melt in your mouth, and they taste just right.

I tried each one of the different types of cookies, and downed them with the amazing cold lotus tea that they also let me try. There I was, standing in front of the samples, munching cookies, drinking tea, and I felt I was in heaven!

Siem Reap's Cookie Store - Samples
The cookie samples table. Try everything!

The tea just compliments the cookies so well, and those cookies…well, let’s just say one can instantly be turned into a cookie monster at this store.

I could not help not getting my own pepper cookies, though the price is rather expensive. It was $5 for not more than 20 little pieces of round cookies, although it was definitely worth it. They also gave me a small sample of the palm sugar (which turned out to be delicious), and a coupon for a 10% at café Puka Puka just outside.

Siem Reap's Cookie Store - Pepper cookies
The yummy black pepper cookies

The store

Other than selling cookies (one type of cookie is in the shape of Angkor Wat temple), they also have chocolates, Kampot pepper, palm sugar, and little trinkets and Cambodian handicrafts.

Just from a glance, you know that these handicrafts are unique and won’t be found at the Old Market. It’s refreshing to see something different in the midst of almost identical stuff out there.

Siem Reap's Cookie Store - Trinkets
Unique Cambodian handicrafts

The attendants are all really nice, and they speak English and Japanese. It looks like most of their customers are Japanese since one of them answered “Hai” instead of “Yes” to one of my questions.

Café Puka Puka

When their ad said they have the best shakes in town, they are 100% right about that.

The watermelon shake that I tried was beyond amazing. It could be that I was just too tired after all that biking, that the shake tasted better than it’s supposed to be. But in my life, I could not remember being taken aback by a drink after trying one sip of it.

It tasted just like a perfectly ripe watermelon, with a uniformed icy texture, and a sweetness that I think comes from added sugar. But whatever they put in there, that was just the most delicious drink I’ve ever had in my life, biking or no biking.

Siem Reap's Cafe Puka Puka
The best drink, perhaps, on earth.

If I ever pass by that way again, it would be a great crime not to stop by at the café. Especially when the shake is priced only at $2.

So in short…

If you are ever in Siem Reap, you simply must stop by Café Puka Puka and the Madam Sachiko Cookies store on your way back from Angkor Wat. The cookies and the shakes are just the perfect way to end your Angkor Wat day tour.

My only regret is that they don’t have a location in the Old Market or Center Market area. So if you have no business in Angkor, you’d have to go a little bit out of your way to get some great cookies and the most amazing shakes in Siem Reap.

It’s not that far (across the street from Sofitel) , and definitely worth the effort, because you won’t find such great tastes anywhere else!

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