Siem Reap Airport:
The Arrival Hall

When you arrive at the Siem Reap airport, you’ll notice that it’s a small, but nice airport

As soon as you step out of the plane, you’ll be greeted by the humid Cambodian air seeing that you'll be walking from the plane to the building in the open air. The walk isn’t far at all, because they literally park the plane in front of the airport. 

If you happen to arrive while it’s raining, fear not, because they will transport you in big shuttle buses.

Entering the airport

As you enter the airport, you’ll be greeted by a striking statue of a white elephant in the middle of the room. 

The statue, the live plants behind the visa area, and the overall design of the airport makes you realize that they did some serious designing here. All in all, the Siem Reap airport has somewhat of a wow effect for  first time visitors.

Siem Reap Airport - White Elephant
White elephant and rider in the middle of the room

Plus, it also feels welcoming, warm, pretty, and chic, which is hardly something you’d say for many other airports.

The visa section

If you don’t yet have your visa, you can apply for it on your arrival.

There are mainly two types of visas for travelers: the tourist visa (valid for 30 days, not renewable) and the business visa (valid for 30 days, but can be renewed multiple times).

Siem Reap Airport - Visa sectionThe process of applying for a visa is simple, but you do have to wait while it is processed. 

Click here to read more about applying for an on-arrival business visa and an on-arrival tourist visa for Cambodia.

If don’t like to wait, you can get your Cambodia visa online instead.

The electronic visa process allows you to print the visa yourself and go straight to the e-visa immigration line as soon as you arrive.

That way you can be out and about faster!

The immigration

Siem Reap Airport - E-visa line You’ll see the immigration line as soon as you step inside. Yes, the airport is that small.

Unfortunately, the passport check line does not move very quickly. But it’s not overly slow either.

Just be patient, and you’ll be out of there as soon as they take a digital photo of you and stamp your passport with their multiple stamps.


There are at least two ATM machines in the arrival hall; one near the visa section and another near the immigration line.

If you need to apply for an on-arrival visa, the visa fee must be paid in cash. So these ATM machines come in handy if you don't have enough on hand. 


You’d like to know where the toilet is at the Siem Reap airport? Really?

Okay. The toilet is to your right as soon as you enter the building. You won't see it when you enter the building, because by the time you're in the middle of the room the toilet is already behind you. 

Baggage claim

The baggage claim area is immediately after the immigration line. Depending on the season, the area can get pretty crowded or be pretty empty.

Siem Reap airport - baggage conveyance and duty free
Baggage conveyance and duty free shop

Duty Free shop

There is one duty free shop in the arrival hall, but hardly anyone stops there. It sells mostly cigarettes and postcards. There’s a wider selection of items in the departure hall.

Money Changer

If you arrive in Siem Reap holding paper currency other than US dollars, you can exchange the money here. If you have US dollars, however, just proceed to the exit as people use dollars widely in Siem Reap.

Custom check

There’s not really a custom check here, at least they don't seem to actually enforce it. Also, that custom form you filled out on the airplane? It may become useless if there’s no one standing on duty at customs.

Outside the airport

As soon as you step outside, you’ll be greeted by a sea of tuktuk drivers offering you a ride to town. However, if you have made a reservation at a hotel/guest house, you should be picked up at the airport at no charge.

There’s also a pastry shop at the exit. If you’re really hungry and don’t want to wait another 30 – 45 minutes before you’re settled in at your hotel, then you can get some food here. 

Siem Reap airport - from the outside
Tuktuk drivers and a cafe outside of Siem Reap airport

So in short…

The Siem Reap airport is pretty and clean. Outside the airport you’ll see an orderly parking lot and nice, landscaped lawns. Definitely a good start for your holiday in Cambodia.

If you need information on the airport's departure hall click here.

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