Siem Reap Airport:
The Departure Hall

The Siem Reap airport departure hall is less striking than the arrival hall. But still, it’s a good airport. Everything works as it should.

Siem Reap Airport Departure - Front
Siem Reap airport departure building

Entering the airport

When you enter the departure hall, there will be officers asking to see your ticket. While they are expecting to see a ticket or a printout of an e-ticket, if you show them scribbles of your booking number, dates, and cities, they’ll let you in anyway.

Check-in counters

Since there aren’t many flights leaving Siem Reap at the same time, you’ll rarely see the airport crowded. They have about 20 check-in counters, but on a slow day two, maybe three, are open at the same time.

The line may be long or short depending on how early you arrive for your flight, but all should go well as there is nothing out of the ordinary here.

Siem Reap Airport Departure - Check in counters
Check-in counters

Cambodia airport tax

Once you’re all checked in and ready to go, you’ll then need to pay your airport departure tax. It’s a hefty $25 (US) per person for international flights and $13 per child. Cambodian nationals get a lower price.

According to the picture below, they only accept cash. But on the window they have a Visa/Mastercard logo. In any case, there are ATM machines in the departure hall if you must pay by cash.

Siem Reap Airport Departure - Airport Tax
Cambodia airport tax charges

The airport tax counter is located to the right of the check-in counters. You’ll see it because it’s right before you enter the x-ray area.

Siem Reap Airport Departure - Airport Tax booth
Where you'll pay the airport tax


Once you pass the x-ray section, there will be several tables with airport officers. These are your immigration officers and they will check your passport, visa, and whether you've paid the tax or not.

The passport checking process should go just fine, that is unless you overstayed your visa. If that’s the case, you could be fined for it. But they will probably let you go if you can pay the fine.


There is a Blue Pumpkin bakery, an Artisans d’Angkor shop, and other general all-in-one stores in the waiting area. So you can do some last minute shopping here.

Siem Reap Airport Departure - Artisans d'Angkor
Artisans d'Angkor shop

Siem Reap Airport Departure - Duty free shops
Duty Free shops

The seats

Although you probably won’t spend much time waiting around, Siem Reap airport has nice waiting areas. There are lots of chairs and it's really roomy with its high ceilings. It’s an all around nice place to wait for your next flight.

That is such a weird thing to say about an airport, but it’s true.

Siem Reap Airport Departure - Seats
A large and airy seating area with several other shops around.

So in short…

The Siem Reap airport departure hall is good. Waiting there an hour or so for your flight is relatively painless, but there isn’t much to do other than wait patiently, roam around the shops, or enjoy the view overlooking the airport runway.

Or, if you did all that and still have time to kill, why not go through all of your Cambodia pictures? Is there a favorite that you’d like share with other visitors?

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