Preah Pithu Temple Groups

Suryavarman 2nd
1113 - 1150
Hindu (Shiva)
The secluded atmosphere
The Preah Pithu temple group is right next to the North Khleangs and the Suor Prat towers.

I assume, like me, many people skip over this cluster of temples on their first visit to Angkor Wat.

Preah Pithu temples
The terrace of one of the temples

Certainly the temples aren’t in great shape, the sizes aren’t awe inspiring, and there is only a small amount of carvings left.

What they do have, however, is an atmospheric location. The temples are secluded and almost tucked into the surrounding forest. It makes you wonder how you could seem to have stepped into a different world of Angkor temples when they are just a few feet from the Prasat Suor Prat towers.

Preah Pithu - Bas relief
Some carvings on temple walls

I recommend a visit to this temple cluster if you find yourself touring the Angkor temples independently.

These five temples are located rather closely to each other, as if they were designed to exist together instead of individually. The landscaping of the area is somewhat hilly, and each temple is located on top of a mound. The green grass around and the shady trees above gives the whole area a cool, green look. It’s great to walk to visit these temples, if only to get out of the sun for a while!

Preah Pithu temple
A secluded looking temple in the middle of Angkor Thom

There are only minimal carvings on the temple, but some have apsara carvings inside. Those that remain aren’t in great condition, with most already deteriorating.

There are also piles of sandstone blocks around the temples, mostly likely from the temples themselves.

Preah Pithu temple
The condition of the temple in the back

I found mosquitoes flying about while walking the temples. So don’t forget your insect repellant if you are concerned about bites.

If you are biking to this area, it is rather tough to bike around the temples as the area is not even and contains many stones and blocks. So you might want to park your bike in the front and just walk to the temples.

Preah Pithu temple
Pretty ruins

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