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Sometimes you just need a good ole physical map of Cambodia. Whether it's for a thorough backpacking trip, for pre-trip planning, or just to have it handy, there's nothing like having an actual map in your hand. (Below you'll find some good physical maps that are sold online).

Sidenote : If you are looking for an actual map, you probably already know that there is a correct way of folding a map. But for those who doesn't, folding a map properly keeps it in better condition longer, takes much less space in your bag, and most importantly prevents creases in places where it shouldn't be, so you can easily read what's actually printed. 

Although these days the physical map of Cambodia are made with sturdy materials that hold up better for wear and tear, careless handling will cause it break down faster. Who wants to decipher city names when two or three of its letters are blurred?

In addition to the regular traveling maps, there are also antique maps of Cambodia. These are more interesting, although you can't really compare the two. When I see these maps, I'm instantly transported to the olden age when Henri Mouhot just rediscovered Angkor Wat, or in 1920s where elephants roam around the temples for transporting tourists. Either way, if you're an antique collector (or just fan old maps), some of these old maps of Cambodia are out there for sale.

Pegu , Siam en Cochinchina, [ca. 1745], 14.0 x 11.0 cms., Outline color
Image courtesy of Dawn Rooney

Physical maps for travelling

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Cambodian language
Learn simples phrases that earn smiles from the locals. It's a great ice breaker and perhaps, just perhaps, they'll be extra nicer to you for learning their language.

Cambodian currency   
If you have US dollars then you're all set. There's no need for you to change them to Cambodian Riels. Anyone and everyone will accept US dollars there. Well, except in the very remote areas.

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