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NGO challenges

One of the challenges that NGOs constantly face is the need to raise funds in order to support the organization. This problem can usually be solved if enough people are aware of your mission and of the work that you’re doing.

But unfortunately, while there are many many visitors in Siem Reap, most of them just zip on by without even knowing that they can help the Siem Reap community in some way, no matter how small.

Getting help and donations can be difficult for some NGOs, especially when travelers have never heard of the organization prior to their arrival in Siem Reap. Understandably, some travelers are skeptical and leery of volunteering and making a donation to an unknown entity.

What you can do to solve this

You can start solving this problem by making your organization more known among travelers, preferably before they come to Siem Reap. This will give them plenty of time to plan on how they can get involved with your NGO.

You will also have a better chance of introducing your organization this way, instead of just springing it on them when they arrive in Siem Reap with a hectic vacation schedule. With this prior knowledge and familiarity, they will be more open to your organization and hopefully more inclined to volunteer and/or donate to your cause.

You can list your NGO on our Holiday in Angkor Wat volunteer page at no cost, and you will find that visitors to this website are the type of visitors you're looking for. They take the time to research the city and activities in advance, which means they will have a plan in mind when they arrive in Siem Reap. Therefore, seeing your NGO's name on this website will increase the likelihood that they will include you in their plans.

What the volunteers are looking for

One of the most frequent comments I've heard from the many volunteers I've come into contact with was that they don't feel they helped the NGOs as much as they could. Most volunteers come into a project with hopes of being useful and they are disappointed when they don't get to work and help as much as they'd expected. This seems to be a real disappointment to them, and they usually leave with the impression that they were not needed after all and refrain from volunteering in the future.

Since nothing could be further from the truth, something needs to be done to address volunteer expectations. Because it's all a matter of perception. One way to do this is to provide a clear program to volunteers, outlining exactly what they will be doing and what will be expected of them. This will prevent disappointment of unmet expectations and will ensure the satisfaction of your volunteers.

The volunteers' satisfaction, in turn, could be one of the best things for your organization as these volunteers will help improve your NGO's reputation among local travelers and beyond. Having a reputation as a 'good' and organized NGO will also increase your chances of getting new volunteers and of receiving steady donations to your organization.

How can a satisfied volunteer help you?

It might be helpful to think of volunteers as some of your most valuable customers, because they are some of the people who are in the position to ensure the continuation of your NGO. Their good words and satisfaction are your best marketing tool and reputation builder. Their understanding of your work makes them some of the most likely candidates as future donors.

So if you could provide your volunteers with a schedule, so to speak, they will know what is expected of them and will be able to help you more effectively.

All in all, volunteers only want to help you as much as they can, and you will have a very happy volunteer if you are successful in letting them do that. And that volunteer will most likely spread the word about your NGO around the world, which will bring more awareness to your cause, and of course, more donations and more volunteers.

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