More info on Neak Mah Mosque location

More info on Neak Mah Mosque location

by Asa'ad Farooq
(Islamabad, Pakistan)

Assalam o Alaikum!

Today on July 18th, 2012, I have visited this masjid, a beautiful one. On Google Earth, its dimensions are:
13,21,10,88" N
103,50,55,74" E

I have placed a path from Prince D'Angkor Hotel to this through a white line on Google Earth; hopefully you can see it. From this hotel, its only 15 minutes walk. For going, TukTuk driver took me $2 which is just ok. ON the way back, i walked through to the hotel.

People of Siem Reap are very cool and calm and worth loving and caring. I met with one of very loving person out of the Mosque, Haji Naseer bin Ismaeel who was very welcoming.

On July 22nd, Sunday, First Ramadhan Al Mubarak is expected. Muslims in this country are only 4-5 % (forgive me if this estimate is wrong). And this really requires special Tofeeq from Allah swt and conscious effort to keep our path straightforward towards Emaan and Islam. May Allah Swt bless them and us ALL with utmost blessings.

Wassalam and Prayers

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