Map of Cambodia

Where is The Kingdom of Cambodia, exactly?

This Google Map of Cambodia shows you exactly where it is. Have an idea where you're heading before you go!

Cambodia shares her borders with Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos

That's why many visitors who come to South East Asia usually tries to visit them all.

Map of Cambodia, South-East Asia
Cambodia South-East Asia Map

Map of Cambodia with other countries

Here is another Cambodia map plus the rest of South East Asia. 

The whole South East Asia region is amazing. You'll see many travel guide books lumping them all together in one book. When you are in that region, it makes good sense to visit at least several, if you can.

Map of Cambodia and SE Asia

If you are looking for actual physical Cambodia maps, they are included in all Cambodian Travel Guidebooks. Unless you are planning on a mega, super intensive road travel, those regular maps will suffice.

If you find yourself without a map and you need one, look in airports, stations and lodging accommodations, as they will have plenty of them to give to you for free.

One last map, with Siem Reap (written as Siemreab) on it. Where Siem Reap is, Angkor Wat is. That huge body of water below it is the Tonle Sap lake, the largest lake in SE Asia. If you would like to see an Angkor map, click here.

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Angkor Wat Map
An Angkor map will give you the quickest overview of Angkor Wat and it surrounding area. A picture truly does worth a thousand words.

Physical Map of Cambodia
Two kinds of Cambodia map out there. One is for traveling, to be scribbled away with notes. The other one is for collecting, to be displayed behind glass frame.

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