The Khleangs

The Warehouse Temples

Jayavarman 5th
968 - 1001
1. It's a very simple design
2. Rarely visited by visitors
The Khleang Temples are the two buildings located just behind Prasat Suor Prat. One is in the South, the other in the North.

If you look at them from the terraces, you’ll notice that they were built to be symmetrical to one other.

Each Khleang seems to have 6 towers and a pond, and to build upon that symmetry, there’s a road leading to Victory Gate cutting through the middle.

 The Khleang - Outside
The Khleang from the outside

The Khleang - Inside
Inside the Khleang

Nobody is really sure what these buildings were used for, but Khleang means “The Warehouse Temples” or the “Temples of the Royal Treasure." So it was probably used a storage place for some valuable things.

The Khleang - EntranceBut some researchers called these names inappropriate, and suggested instead that these buildings were used as reception halls of some sort, as a place to receive foreign emissaries or host other diplomatic functions.

These two buildings were built at different times. The North Khleang was built earlier by Jayavarman 5th, and the South Khleang was built by Suryavarman 1st.

These two buildings are just that, buildings. They are not temples, but each is just like a small, one story rectangular building with large windows along the walls.

The small porches on the front and back sides makes the buildings look somewhat cruciform in shape, but just barely.

Although there aren’t any carvings here other than the lintels on the entrance, do visit the place. They have a different building style than the others and their uniqueness adds to the visit. 
The Khleang - Window
One of the Suor Prat towers seen from
inside of this Warehouse Temple

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