Je visite Cambodia en 2008

Je visite Cambodia en 2008

by Nick
(Quebec, Canada)

In 2008 I went to Cambodia because my sister was adopted from there and It was an amazing place to visit. I wish I was still there. I loved to food, music, and weather and it was just nothing but amazing there. We go to Angkor Wat one of the days we were there and it was so cool. It was so old and amazing there.

The temples were gigantic and I wanted to see the whole thing but we only went into the main part. One fun part were the little monkeys that were there and I would hold my water bottle out and they would go and drink at it.

We also went to the temples where all of the faces were carves into it rocks. I think its called Bayon temples but that was cool too. The food was so good. I loves the spices there. I know its Thai but the Pad Thai was really good there and also I like the lemon grass soup and the chili soup also.

I want to go back really badly and The only bad part was the plane ride. I live in Quebec Canada and It was about 18 hour plane ride and It was direct from new york city. I hope I go back one day so I can relive the experience and good food and the temples and the people and everything. follow me on Facebook and write on my wall any questions you have. If you have a Facebook search and that is me.

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