The Elephant Terrace

Jayavarman 7th
1181 - 1220
Elephant carvings on the terrace walls
The Terrance of the Elephants is a huge platform with walls covered by elephant carvings. It was used as the royal reception pavilion during the reign of Jayavarman 7th.

When you stand on the terrace itself, overlooking the large field in front of you, you can’t help but imagine how it was in the old days. The place must’ve been busy when people, elephants, and their riders were passing by.

Elephant Terrace
The terrace itself

You can’t really see the elephant carvings by standing on the terrace, but come down to ground level and you'll see one elephant carving after another on the terrace wall. All 300 meters of it.

Elephant Terrace - The walls
Elephants everywhere you see

Elephant Terrace - The wall closeup
Elephant carvings on terrace walls

There are also statues of elephants on the stairways, usually with three elephants on each side. On these statues you’ll see elephant trunks gathering lotus flowers on the ground.

Elephant Terrace - Gathering lotus
Elephant gathering lotus

Although the terrace’s name is Terrace of the Elephants, there is quite a bit of alternating garuda and lion carvings on this terrace. They are also carved on the terrace’s lower sides, and all of them are carved with their arms raised, as if they’re holding up and supporting the terrace.

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