Dry and Rainy Season Blues

Dry and Rainy Season Blues

(Koh Kong, Cambodia)

Since I live in Cambodia, I have been in dry and rainy seasons for many years. Cambodia is a very good place to enjoy a different culture. It does get VERY hot, then since I lived here for a while, I sometimes have to wear long sleeve shirts.(That is rare though.)

So once it rained for twelve days straight in Koh Kong, and all we did was sit on our back porch and watch the beautiful, loud rain fall. Then on the hot days,we are too exhausted to do much, and the sun is just beaming down on us! So we just hang around drinking ice coffee.

I enjoy Cambodia very much, you can learn a lot from living here for over 9 years, and being an American, I love it and get a lot of attention. That does not matter though, I just enjoy the things we experience. There are many beaches, some pools in most places.. Cambodia is great! :)

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