Finding Cheap Flights To Cambodia

Budget airlines, restrictions, when to book...

Question: Where can you find cheap flights to Cambodia?

Answer: At budget airlines websites.

Yes, it bears repeating.

If you are on a budget, your best bet for cheap flights to Cambodia would be to hunt for bargain rates directly with the budget airlines.

There are several airlines that serves Cambodia's two international airports in Siem Reap (REP) and Phnom Penh (PNH). Most of the flights to Cambodia come from Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, or Malaysia. Therefore, it's cheaper for you to fly into one of these major cities, and then catch a budget airline flight to Cambodia (try Hotwire to find cheap fares to the major cities). So,  

  • If you are coming through Singapore, the budget airline would be Jetstar.
  • If you are coming through Malaysia, this would be Air Asia.
  • If you are coming from Bangkok, this would be Bangkok Airways.
  • If from Vietnam, sorry, there isn't a budget airline serving the Vietnam-Cambodia route yet, but Vietnam Airlines is ready at your service.

Budget airlines have become somewhat of a travel phenomenon in the Asian region. If you can stand the restrictions and drawbacks, you can save quite a lot on your flights to Cambodia. Air Asia, for example, can have a really low rate, but they are famous for delays.

Also, if you are ever on board on a budget airline, you will notice that they don't provide the same level of service as the 'normal' airlines.

Budget Airlines' Drawbacks

To cut costs, almost all areas are reduced to bare necessities. For example, meals are not included, but available for purchase.

Luggage? Limited to 15-20 kilograms (and just recently Air Asia makes you pay a nominal fee if you want to check-in your luggage).

Flight change? Possible, but with hefty fees and your bargain rates replaced with the current rate.

Airport? Sometimes these airlines have to use a special airport, which is smaller, and has minimum facilities.

Even so, most flight durations to Cambodia are relatively short, only an hour or so. So for some, it's not a very big deal to 'put up' with a less than spectacular service. That is unless your plane gets delayed. Now that could be really frustrating, especially if you already have plans set.

How Exactly Do You Get Cheap Flights To Cambodia?

If all the above inconveniences don't mean a whole lot to you, and if it is cheap flights to Cambodia that you want, this is what you can do:

1. Subscribe to the airlines' email list for promotions to be in the loop about promos and offers.

2. Be flexible and start watching these airlines rates waaaay back before your intended travel dates. They regularly have 'crazy' sales, sometimes requiring a really advanced purchase (3-6 months), and other times a tight window (1 month). The 3 - 6 months window usually gives the best rate and more date selections.

3. If number 2 doesn't suit you, do still buy plane tickets online instead of just showing up at the airport's counter. At most times, online rates will be cheaper.

Budget Airlines' Savings

If you can do the above, you'll no doubt get cheap flights to Siem Reap. Yes, 3-6 months is highly inflexible, and hunting bargain rates can take some time. But, compare the savings yourself.

For example:

Air Asia
Kuala Lumpur to Siem Reap for 404 Ringgit Malaysian, or around $126 US Dollar. Click here to find out about cheap flights to Cambodia with AirAsia

Singapore to Siem Reap for $273 Singapore Dollars, or around $195 US Dollar.

Bangkok Airways
Bangkok to Phnom Penh for 3900 Baht, or around $123 US Dollar.

Compared to the normal rate of $300 USD and up, those prices really are budget prices!

Happy hunting for your cheap international flights to Cambodia!

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