Cambodian Restaurants in Siem Reap:
The Red Piano

Red Piano is one of the popular Cambodian restaurants in Siem Reap. I think it’s mostly remembered as Angelina Jolie’s hangout when she made the Tomb Raider movie. Or at least that’s what I remember if for.

When we went there they had a happy hour special where you could get a free soft drink or Angkor beer with the order of a main course.

At the Red Piano, you can choose to sit at the sidewalk, indoors, or on the balcony on the 2nd floor. We chose the balcony since its corner location provided a great view of Pub St. and the food stalls below.

Cambodian Restaurants - Food stalls below
View of food stalls from the balcony

Cambodian Restaurants - Pub Street view from Red Piano
View of Pub St. from Red Piano's balcony

Going up the steep stairs to the 2nd floor reminded me of Angkor Wat’s own steep stairs. I think they may have intentionally made the stairs that way to prepare travelers for Angkor Wat.

Cambodian Restaurants - Red Piano steep stairs
The steep stairs at Red Piano

The food

The menu at Red Piano has something for everyone. They have a selection of Khmer food, as well as other European fare, such as pasta, salads, and steaks. This is great, because other Cambodian restaurants don't have such a wide selection.

We decided to try the fish and chips with cream lime sauce and another Cambodian food, stir fried shrimp with vegetables.

The food came not long after ordering, and the portions were big. Unlike our previous night of trying Cambodian food at Amok, there was plenty of rice with the shrimp and an abundance of French fries with the fish.

Turns out, both dishes were both good. The shrimp dish was predictable, similar to Chinese food. I could tell that they used fresh shrimp because they were extra tasty and ‘crunchy.'

Cambodian Restaurants - Shrimp dish
Cambodian food: Shrimp dish and lots of rice

The fish and chips were also good, though I found that the lime cream sauce was a bit too much. The butter or cream flavor was too strong, and there wasn’t enough lime to balance out the creaminess. But still, the fish was fresh and the fries were yummy when they were still hot.

Cambodian Restaurants - Fish and chips
Fish and chips at Red Piano

So in short...

It was a good dinner all in all. Not a stunningly good dinner, but combined with the relaxing and friendly surroundings, Red Piano was a nice place to wind down after a long day. They also had a wide selection of cocktails, but we didn’t try any. (If you did, tell us how they were!)

The service was really friendly and prompt, and the price wasn’t too bad at this popular Cambodian restaurant. Our final bill came out to $10 flat.

Planning To Try Cambodian Food?
Why not start with their national dish, amok? This coconut based 'curry' dish is flavorful without being too strong and is familiar enough to many tastebuds. The perfect choice for a first time encounter with Cambodian food.

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