One of the Nicest Cambodian Restaurants: FCC Angkor

Why is FCC one of the nicest Cambodian restaurants? Well for one, it has a really nice location.

If you happen to bike the tree lined street along the Siem Reap River on Pokambor Avenue, you’re bound to pass by the colonial looking building that is FCC Angkor hotel.

Looking at it, you can’t help but think that FCC Angkor would be a nice place to stay, and that a relaxing breakfast in the morning with a view of the Siem Reap River and the tall trees would be a nice way to start the day.

Well, with their restaurant overlooking the river, you don’t need to stay there to enjoy the view. Just pop in during meal times and relax in the semi-open restaurant on the second level.

FCC Cambodian Restaurants - view from seat
The view before the sky changes color

Why FCC Angkor restaurant

We went to FCC Angkor for dinner and had a really relaxing time.

It’s quite different from the bright and busy pub street scene, where people are walking by and the lights of each restaurant compete with others nearby.

No, the lighting in FCC is still, subdued, and relaxing. You can spend hours just chatting with your friends or family, while the lights outside grow dimmer and dimmer until it’s completely dark and the outline of the trees can no longer be seen.

FCC Cambodian Restaurants - the sky darkening
The sky after some time

It’s one way to spend a night that is different than usual.

The food

FCC Angkor is one of the Cambodian restaurants that offer a variety of dishes, Cambodian food included.

But this time we got fish and chips (yes again, I know) and the shrimp mille-feuille. For drinks, we got (what else) the pineapple shakes. Luckily, it was after 5:00 pm when we came in, so we were there just in time to get the happy hour deal of 50% off all beverages.

The restaurant also has a set menu of $15 (2 course) and $18ish (3 course meal). I heard some good reviews of the duck breast in the set menu, but since it sounded too heavy we decided to pass it up.

When the food came, it looked really delish. The shrimp mille-feuille, in fact, looked so pretty. I always like eating good looking food, and this one just screamed to be eaten.

FCC Cambodian Restaurants - shrimp salad
This mille-feuille looks too pretty to be eaten

The mille-feuille turned out to be good. It was my first time eating it, so I don’t have anything to compare it to. It’s basically a shrimp salad served on several layers of bland crackers.

The fish and chips tasted just like fish and chips should taste. However, I noticed that the fish was really fresh (one of the perks of having the Tonle Sap lake nearby I suppose). Although they gave us only thin slices, they were full of flavor. Really tasty.

FCC Cambodian Restaurants - Fish and chips
Fish and chips, can't go wrong with this

The pineapple shake was one of the best I’ve tried. It was thick, icy, cold, fresh, natural, pretty, and just so delicious. The shake came in a big, tall glass, so it lasted till the end of the meal with lots remaining.

The service was also excellent. The attendants were very attentive and friendly. I think they must've been watching the diners closely in case they needed anything. But I never felt overcrowded or ‘watched’ during the meal. It was just great, the best service we'd received out of all the other Cambodian restaurants we'd been to.

For this lovely dinner, our bill came to almost $20 for 2 people. Not too bad for such a lovely time.

So in short…

If you're looking for a truly relaxing way to spend dinner in an semi-outdoor environment, try the FCC Angkor restaurant. I don't think the food was spectacularly good, but I'd go to this Cambodian restaurant again in a heartbeat.

There’s just something about enjoying a meal with a full view of the mature trees and Siem Reap river in the background. Plus, if you arrive early enough to actually see the sky change color it somehow makes for a perfect closure of the day.  

P.S. It might be a good idea to call ahead and make a reservation as this is one of the popular Cambodian restaurants. That way you’ll get the nicest seats, which of course means a full, unobstructed view of the trees and the river. We were in luck, because although we came in without a reservation, we got a pretty good seat. But for those people who came in late, I suppose they sat inside, which meant no view of the Siem Reap river and no view of the trees. 

FCC Cambodian Restaurants - From the front
View of FCC Angkor from the front

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