Cambodian Food at a
Traditional Khmer Food Restaurant

After a long day of touring the temples, I decided to go straight to Pub Street for a Cambodian food dinner. No going back to the guesthouse, no shower, no nothing. I was starving.

Visiting the temples really does take a lot of your energy!

Looking around at was available, I decided to try the food at Traditional Khmer Food. The name says it all, right? Only Cambodian food is available here, although it looks like the menu is geared towards tourists. You’ll find familiar and ‘safe’ dishes here, dishes like amok, curry, beef loklak, stir fried vegetables, spring rolls, and others.

Cambodian Food - Tradt'l Khmer Food sign
The restaurant's sign

I decided to try the Cambodian curry. I was curious how that would be since I thought Amok was the Cambodian curry. Plus, it was a special of the day, only $3.25 with a drink included. I was still feeling the pinch, having dished out $40 for a 3-day Angkor pass, so any sort of discount was appreciated.

Cambodian Food - Today's special
Today's sepcial at Traditional Khmer Food

The food - Khmer Curry

When the dish came out, it looked very hearty and yummy, and I instantly knew that I’d made the right decision in ordering it. They served a good portion of curry and rice, which is a good thing considering how hungry I was.

Cambodian Food - Khmer curry
Khmer curry. So yummy.

The curry tasted so good as I took my first bite!

I had turned from a tired and weary traveler into a very happy person. I literally felt joy while I was eating it. Such is the power of a great food. Granted, it could be that I was just so tired that day that any kind of food would taste good, but I would definitely eat that curry again, starved or not.

They put thin slices of chicken in the dish, along with a good portion of vegetables. The curry was on the thick side, but it was a good consistency. They actually put curry spices in this dish (unlike Amok), and you can instantly taste it. The spices all worked together without being too overpowering. There was also that coconut cream flavor, with a small dollop of it at the top.

It was deeelicious.

Other things

The Traditional Khmer Food restaurant is owned and run by Cambodians. And from the name cards they gave me, it looks like they also operate at least 3 other restaurants in the area. On the bill they thank you for supporting a Cambodian business, making you wonder what the percentage of non-Cambodian owned businesses is.

Cambodian Food - Menu
Real Khmer food, Khmer cooking, & Khmer place.
Thank you for supporting Khmer place.

So in short…

This Cambodian restaurant is such a great value. The food is good, it's relatively cheap, and best of all it looks like they have the $3.25 special every single day. So come to this restaurant if you’re ever looking for good, hearty, cheap Cambodian food in a nice place.

Cambodian Food - Traditional Khmer Food tablesetting
Nice table setting, nice place, good food.

It’s located just across from Amok in the Pub St. passage. You can’t miss it, especially since the table setting and décor is very similar to Amok. Just make sure you’re sitting at the right restaurant. It could be confusing. You’d think the two restaurants were the same. 

Where would you like to go now?

Planning To Try Some Cambodian Food?
Why not start with their national dish, amok? This coconut based 'curry' dish is flavorful without being too strong and is familiar enough to many tastebuds. The perfect choice for a first time encounter with Cambodian food.

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