Cambodia Travel Information

Visa, currency, map, culture, and more...

Cambodia travel info isn't that hard to get, but wouldn't it be great if we could just travel the world without worrying about the details?

Since that won't happen anytime soon, we travelers still need to plan for and know the basics of traveling in Cambodia. For example, travelers need to know about border crossings, visas, currency, and the like.

So here we go:

  • Map of Cambodia - Often overlooked in Asia Maps, you will have to look closely. Try zooming in between Thailand and Vietnam, and you'll find Cambodia there.
  • cambodia travel passportCambodian visa - How to get visa, where, the process, and the different kinds of visa: tourist visa, business visa, e-visa.
  • Cambodian currency - Exchange rate, pictures of the currency, and intersting history about the Riel during the war.
  • Cambodian climate - It's Asia so the summers are hot. During the wet season, rain could be a problem too. Find out the best time to visit depending on what kinda of experience you're looking for.

cambodia travel road condition in summer
Cambodia travel - road conditions in summer

  • Cambodian language - Learn simples phrases that earn smiles from the locals. Now audio included! It's a great ice breaker and usually they'll be extra nicer to you for learning their language.
  • Poverty in Cambodia - A brief account how it came about and how to deal with it while you're there.
  • Cheap flights to Cambodia - Strategy on finding cheap flights to Cambodia. List of budget airlines from nearby international major cities near Siem Reap and Phnom Penh.
  • Cambodian clothing - What do the local folks wear? What should you wear? Here's a quick look into Cambodian's traditional dresses and also a simple dress code for travelers.
  • Cambodia health precautions - What health precautions should you consider before going to Cambodia? Here's a little bit to get you started.
  • Cambodia tourism - Cambodia tourism is just beginning to take off as people all around the world are beginning to discover the beauty of Cambodia and the nice and warm locals.
  • Cambodia Beach - People go to Thailand for beaches and skip Cambodias. But there are some secluded beach that could be worth visiting.

  • Cambodia culture - Here's a quick read for what' appropriates and not while in Cambodia. Since the concept of face and respect is still highly followed, it's good to know that you don't offend the locals while you're there. They won't hold you to the same standard as Cambodians, but still knowing a little bit can make your trip much friendlier and pleasanter.
  • Physical Map of Cambodia - There are two kinds of Cambodia map out there. One is for traveling, to be scribbled away with notes. The other one is for collecting, to be displayed behind glass frame.
  • Cambodia airports - There are two international airports in Cambodia. One is Phnom Penh (PNH) and the other is Siem Reap airport (REP). Both of them will charge you an airport departure tax of $25 per person, cash only. So make sure you don't spend all of your dollars.
  • Cambodia holidays - Do they have a different New Year schedule? When are the big festivals? The boat race season? Find out here and plan accordingly if you want to see how Cambodians celebrate their big days.

cambodia travel boat race
Cambodia travel - this boat has won many competitions!

  • Cambodia Food -  It's good, trust me! Yes, I've read, heard, and had conversations about how Cambodian food is 'not good,' but really, they're all wrong. Try the amok curry and you'll see what I mean.
  • Cambodia Flag - Cambodia's flag has been changed several times. Follow its change throughout the history here. From the French's, Khmer Rouge regime's, to today's design. Cambodia facts
  • Siem Reap transportation - 90% of the time, tuk tuks will be your best choice to get around Siem Reap and to travel to the temples. The rest of the time you'll have your choice of taxis, buses, bikes, and boats.

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