Finding a Great Cambodia Tour

Cheap tour, eco tour, and more.

When you search for Cambodia tour on Google, you will get lots and lots of results.

And for the most part, a lot of what you'll find will be generic ho hum tours that actually make Cambodia look boring. What a crime!

What's more, they're costly. A two-day Cambodian tour package in Siem Reap could cost $200 or more.

Now, if you have the means then go for it. But I think one of the reasons people visit the Asian region is because Asia is cheap. Cheap compared to Western countries that is. 

So if you spend big money on tours then that point is completely lost isn't it?

But do not worry. There are other ways to go on tours, have great experiences, visit interesting places, and still pay a reasonable price! How you ask? By going on day trip tours my friend.

Compared to an all comprehensive tour package that can last for 2 days or more, day trips are low-cost and give you great flexibility for customization. They keep you busy during the day and free during the night to roam the town for dinner and shopping.

Here are the best Cambodia tours we've found:

Angkor Wat Discovery Tour

Cambodia Tour - Angkor WatThis is the most popular tour out there and for good reason. The Angkor Wat temple alone is a legitimate reason to visit Cambodia, but this tour includes other great sites as well.

Some of them are the ancient city of Angkor Thom, the giant trees at the Ta Prohm temple (the set of Tomb Raider), the Bayon temple (4 mystical faces of Buddha that are oh so famous), the Elephant Terrace, the Terrace of the Leper King, and other lesser known but equally interesting temples.

This introductory tour gives you all you could want from an Angkor Wat tour.

Best price found at The Villa Siem Reap, $20 per person. Yummy lunch and water throughout the day is included.

Outlying Temple Adventure Tour

Cambodia Tour - Outlying Angkor TemplesThis Cambodia tour allows you to see other ancient temples that are farther away from town.

The main event will be a visit to Banteay Srei  where the temple carvings are so detailed and very well preserved. It is touted as the most beautiful temple of all and it lives up to the claims.

Also included is a hike through the lush green Cambodian forest to Kbal Spean where waterfalls and 1000 Linggas on the riverbed await. A visit to Banteay Samre, a picturesque temple that is lesser known, is also included.

Best price found at The Villa Siem Reap, $28 per person. Lunch and water throughout the day is included.


Kampung Phluk, A Stilted Village By The Lake

Cambodia Tour - Kampung PhlukA visit to one of the three river villages of the Tonle Sap lake is a must, and Kampung Phluk is one of those villages. You may have seen pictures of river villages, but none will compare to the real experience.

During the wet season when the water level is high, villagers adapt by raising their stilted houses as high as 10 meters to prevent them from being flooded. You can see how they base their livelihood on the rising and falling of the Tonle Sap lake by fishing and shrimp harvesting.

This Cambodia tour is number #1 on our Top 5 list.

Best price found at The Villa Siem Reap, $25 per person. Lunch and water throughout the day is included.

Click here to read our experience at Kampung Phluk.


Kampung Khleang, A Floating Village

Cambodia Tour - Kampung KhleangThis is the farthest river village from Siem Reap, which means there are hardly any visitors. Like Kampung Phluk, Kampung Khleang has for the most part remained the same as it has always been.

A visit to this remote village will allow you to see how life really is in a Cambodian village with floating and stilted houses. A great Cambodia tour that you will definitely be memorable.

Best price found at Peace of Angkor, $35 per person. Lunch not included.



Beng Melea, Temple Ruins In The Jungle

Cambodia Tour - Beng Melea TempleThe ultimate Cambodia adventure tour. A temple that will satisfy any travel adventurer.

This great temple has almost no tourists so you will get the place to yourself. For now, this is one of the best kept secrets of Cambodian magical temples. You must visit before it gets more famous.

At this temple, you really can put on your "Tomb Raider" hat because it involves a lot of climbing, over, under, and through fallen walls and tree roots.

On the way, you will also visit several other sites like the charming Banteay Srei 2, the stone quarry mine on the river, and incense stick production.

Best price found at The Villa Siem Reap, $30 per person. Lunch and water throughout the day is included.

Click here to read the amazing time we had at Beng Melea.


A Day in a Cambodian village

Cambodia Tour - A Day in a Cambodian VillageVisiting Cambodia is not the same as living there, but this tour gives you a chance to be part of a Cambodian village for one day.

You will get to plant corn or harvest rice, teach English to village kids, spend time with Cambodian villagers, and have lunch with a local family.

Be prepared to enjoy your your day thoroughly. Nothing else will get you a closer look at Cambodian life short of living there. This is a Cambodia tour unlike any other.

Tour found only The Villa Siem Reap, $30 per person with part of the proceeds going towards the local village. Lunch and water throughout the day is included.

Click here to read about our day at a Cambodian village.


'Make A Difference' Tour
The Other Side of Cambodian Life

Cambodia Tour - Visit the NGOs in Siem ReapAlthough tourism is flourishing in Siem Reap, most Cambodians still live in poverty. Several non-governmental organizations have been created to help their condition.

This tour will show you some organizations that help Cambodians live a better life.

You will walk through the local streets where people live, visit a school for the disabled. You will also see orphanages, the AIDS organization that houses the people and teaches them craft skills, a water filter foundation, the silk farm company that employs many Cambodians, and the pottery workshop.

A Cambodia tour that puts Cambodian life in perspective.

Tour found only The Villa Siem Reap, $25 per person. Lunch and water throughout the day is included.


Prek Toal Bird Sanctuary

A delight for anyone who is interested in wildlife. Thousands of storks and other birds gather in vast numbers during the dry season. Truly one of the wonders of Asia.

The sanctuary is government run and is quite a distance from Siem Reap. This Cambodia tour usually leaves very early in the morning and goes first to the Chong Kneas floating village and then takes a boat across the Tonle Sap lake to the environment centre.

Best price found at Peace of Angkor, $90 per person (depends on group size). Lunch and entrance ticket is included.

* There is another tour program organized by Osmose Tonle Sap for $80 per person, but their website is often down.

So In Short...

For more information and about these Cambodia tours, you can contact the above two villas directly. The details or price may change slightly, but the general idea should remain the same.

We went with The Villa Siem Reap tours on our trip, and we had such a great experience with them that we would not hesitate to use their services again.

Have fun planning a great Cambodia tour!

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