Cambodia Holidays :
Festivals and Celebrations

Cambodia holidays usually mean festivals. And festivals means more cultural activities and events  that you'd otherwise will not experience.

That makes holidays an interesting time to visit Cambodia.

Would you like to when the boat races are? Or the Cambodian New Year celebrations? Or the Buddhist related birthdays?

See below for 2010’s holiday, and plan accordingly! 


1st: International New Year's Day.

7th: Genocide victory commemoration day celebrates the end of the Khmer Rouge regime, when Vietnam forced them to retreat in 1979. Khmer Rouge wasn’t officially over yet, but this was still a major event.


28th: Meak Bochea day, celebrating the first gathering where Buddha lectured his monks.


8th: Women's Rights day, an international holiday celebrating women's achievements.


14 - 16th: Khmer New Year day, which is based on the lunar calendar dating. This is the most important Cambodia holidays of all, spanning over 3 days. The temples are heavily visited during this time, so it could be an interesting time to visit.


1st: International Labor day, celebrating the achievements of workers.

10th: Royal Plowing Ceremony. This officially marks the start of the rainy season in Cambodia, and the start of the planting season. Cambodians believes strongly that ceremony tells them about the prospects of upcoming year's crops.

Cambodia Holidays - Queen Monineath Sowing Rice Seed During the Royal Ploughing Ceremony, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Queen Monineath sowing rice seed during the Royal Ploughing Ceremony
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13 - 15th: King Norodom Sihamoni's Birthday celebration. King Sihamoni was born in 1953, and is the current King of Cambodia. Strangely, he is unmarried. Who will he pass the throne to?

28th: Visaka Bochea day, celebrating the birth of Buddha. Everyone, from monks, nuns and Buddhist Cambodians celebrate this Cambodia holiday.

28th: Visaka Bochea day, celebrating the birth of Buddha. Everyone, from monks, nuns and Buddhist Cambodians celebrate this Cambodia holiday.


18th: Queen mother Monineath’s Birthday. She was born as Paule-Monique Izzi in Saigon, Vietnam in 1936, of French-Italian descent. She was the 7th wife of the previous Cambodian King.


24th: Constitution day, celebrating the day when King Sihanouk signed the Cambodian constitution.


22-34th: Pchum Ben day is a 3 day festival where Cambodians honor their ancestors by providing food offerings to ease their burdens. Is it said that the spirits of the ancestors roam the world during this day.

29th: King Sihamoni's Coronation day celebrates the day when the current ruler was made King in 1994.

31st: King Sihanouk's birthday (the current King's father). The King father is a controversial figure. He has played a large part in Cambodia's history, as King, Prime Minister, Head of State, and a filmmaker.

King Sihanouk's birthday preparation.
Photo by R. McFarland


9th: National Independence Day celebrates Cambodia's independence from France in 1953. Cambodia fell under French protectorate in 1863, making it 90 year occupation.

19-21st: Water festival ceremony (Bon Om Tuk) is when the boat races are held. Phnom Penh holds races at a larger scale, but Siem Reap also has its races. During the ancient times, this is how the King chooses his most powerful warriors, by choosing champions from the boat competitions. The festival is ongoing for 3 days, and so naturally this is one of the most celebrated Cambodia holidays.

Cambodia Holidays - Cambodian Racers Row Their Wooden Boat
Cambodian Racers Row Their Wooden Boat
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10th: Human Rights Day celebrates the UN's adoption of the declaration of the universal human rights in 1948.  

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