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As you know, travelers these days research their holiday destinations to the smallest detail. Where's the best place to eat? Where's the best place to stay? Which tours should I choose? Which tuktuk driver is reliable? These are the questions that your visitors try to figure out even before getting on the plane to Cambodia.

Letting them know in advance about your business gives you the advantage over other places that they've never even heard before. So..., ready to get started?

Why this site?

Are you a local business in Siem Reap? Then this site is a very relevant place to advertise your business in. This site is visited by first time and repeat visitors to Siem Reap and Angkor Wat.

And in the world where travelers find everything about everything online, this website is one of the most visited sites about Angkor Wat and Siem Reap.

Different from other websites that have corporate/big company voice, my visitors hear mainly one voice: mine. This builds great rapport and trustworthiness to the site. If you place your business ad here, you won't be just another business amother hundred others. Visitors will 'like' you more because they found you here. They'll like you because they like this site.

How many visitors does this site receive?

In November 2012, there were 1032 visits/day, 30975 visits/month, with these visitors going through 52716 pages. And the traffic is only growing!

Two Types of Advertisement

It's easy to get started. Just pick one of these two advertising options.

Option 1: Place a small button/image showing your business name. This button will be placed in the relevant pages to ensure that you're seen by the most targeted visitors. For example, hotel image ads will be placed in the hotel related webpage. Tour companies image ads will appear only tour related webpage.

Option 2: This is option 1 above, plus a chance to post an article (500 - 750 words long) about your business. You can also post pictures and images. This takes familiarity to the next level, as they will read and see what you do as a business. This is a great chance to introduce yourself to the visitors and try to win their business. Ideally the article will describe briefly about your business and tell them how you are different or unique.


Type of business
Option 1
Option 2



$60/year $100/year
Tour Companies/Activities

$60/year $100/year
Vehicle/Tuk-tuk Related

$60/year $100/year
Volunteering Institutions


Advertisements are billed yearly, and paid through Paypal.


You can email me at rahmi {at} if you you'd like to start an advertisement or if you have any questions.

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