About Cambodia

Culture, History, and Other Interesting Bits

There are so many aspects about Cambodia as a country that it is impossible to cover them all here.

But nevertheless that doesn't stop us from learning more about it.

Here you'll find several little probes into the country.

From the flag that tells the silent story of the civil war, the custom and culture of the people, the traditional clothing that they wear, or the child adoption events that seems to be still continuing.

Read on to find out more about Cambodia and what make this land of Khmers so special.

Cambodia Culture
Here's a quick read for what's appropriate and not while in you're visiting the country. Since the concept of face and respect is still highly followed, it's good to know that you don't offend the locals while you're there. They won't hold you to the same standard as the locals, but still knowing a little bit can make your trip much friendlier and pleasanter.

Cambodian Clothing
What do the local folks wear? What should you wear? Here's a quick look into the Khmer's traditional dresses and also a simple dress code for travelers.

Cambodian Music

The locals are a big fan of karaoke. But apart from the pop songs, there are other kinds too. The classical Cambodian music is deeply valued by the people.

Cambodian Dance

Art in motion. In downtown Siem Reap, you'll see restaurants offering free traditional dance with your meal, but it pays to see the best. Here's you'll find out more about those dances and other kinds as well.

Cambodian Language
Learn simples phrases that earn smiles from the locals. It's a great ice breaker and perhaps, just perhaps, they'll be extra nicer to you for learning their language.

Cambodia Flag
For a flag, this one has an interesting story because it has has been changed several times. Follow its change throughout the history from the French's, Khmer Rouge regime's, to today's design.

Cambodia Adoption

Why go to the trouble and additional expense of an international adoption when there are children in need much closer to home? And if someone does decide to do an adoption, how does the process work?

Cambodian Food/Traditional Khmer Food
It's similar to the neighboring countries, but not really. Same same, but different. Not to be missed though!

Cambodian Religion
95% of the people are Buddhist, while the temples are Hindu. Read on to find out when and why the 'switch' happened.

Cambodia Economy
Apart from tourism, there are other thriving industries in the country.

Cambodia Tourism
Cambodia tourism is just beginning to take off as people all around the world are beginning to discover the beauty of Cambodia, the warmth of the Cambodian people.

Education in Cambodia
A look in the education system that is currently in place. NGOs play a big part in educating the children.

Invasion of Cambodia
A short review on the two invasions of Cambodia. The first time was in 1970 by American and South Vietnamese troops during the Vietnam War, and the second was by Vietnamese forces in 1978-79.

Cambodia Today
How is Cambodia today? Where do most of the people live and what do they do? A quick look into how Cambodia is today.

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