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Snake at Angkor Temples

We almost walked on a green snake outside Angkor What Temple. It was more interested in running away from us. Marcel Rebello

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A Better Life

I have made two trips to Cambodia, the most recent lasting just over three months. When I visited my tuc tuc driver's family in their 8x10 foot bamboo

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From Sad to Exhillarating

Having been aware of the Pol Pot regime, and the world's reluctance to step into yet another war, I knew if I ever planted my feet in Cambodia, I would

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Halal Food

There is a new hotel, Angkor Secret Garden Hotel n the kitchen serves Halal food.

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Curry Walla

We went to Curry Walla for lunch and we are going back tonight for dinner. It is a nice place to eat, and the price is also good. All in all, mince atmosphere

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Author and former US Army Ranger that fought in Vietnam War 1968/69

My life changed as a result of going to the Killing Fields and standing next to the tree where the Khmer Rouge took babies from helpless Cambodian mothers

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The Killing Fields

I have been to the Killing Fields and the school were Pol Pots Rouge Army tortured and killed his own Khmer people. I do not call them Khmer because they

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Chamkar in 2009

I am from India (Delhi). I always want to try the cuisines of places I visit. I visited Cambodia in 2009. I am a vegetarian, so I searched I combo vegertarian

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Visa for Pakistani?

I need information on how to apply for a visa for Cambodia & Laos, but unfortunately Pakistani’s living in Pakistan can not apply on line nor can get visa

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Angkor Wat Puttt

Angkor Wat Putt is a fantastic and fun, 14 hole Miniature Golf Course in Siem Reap. Come and knock a ball under, over and around 9 accurate replicas of

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