Going On An Angkor Wat Holiday ?

Angkor Wat is an amazing place! The temple, the long galleries of detailed bas-relief carvings, the steep stairs, the history!

Cambodia Pictures Angkor Wat 2
Bas-Relief corridor inside Angkor-Wat.
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bas relief wallpaper.

Since it's rediscovery in the 1800s, (with the exception of the civil war period) this historic temple has received a steady stream of visitors.

All of them curious about this ancient temple.

The fascination is such that in the 1950s a foreigner fell deeply in love with the Angkor temples and her last wish was to have her ashes scattered on the temple grounds. I believe she got her wish.

Clearly it's not some kind of a fad, because here we are, ready to visit Angkor Wat as well.

The number of visitors to the Angkor temples increases each year. Large tourist groups, crowded temples, and big tour buses are a regular sight these days. 

Not really the kind of Angkor experience that old travelers experienced decades ago.

But fear not, because even with those 'challenges,' you can still experience the Angkor temples in a truly personal way. It is still possible to get a temple just for yourself!

What You'll Find Here

Angkor Wat Apsara or Nymph
Apsara nymph carvings.

You'll find several ideas on the 'best' ways to experience the many Angkor temples and the town of Siem Reap.

  You can start with this brief overview of Angkor Wat, its temples, and its history.

  If temple history isn't your cup of tea, head out to this Top 5 list of must-see and must-do list activities when having a holiday in Cambodia. You'll see why a morning walk at Ta Prohm temple is not to be missed!

  When you feel you've seen too many temples (notice that I said when and not if), try going to some of these interesting Siem Reap tourist attractions and activities.

Although they're not temple-related, some of them are not to be missed!

  If you plan to see the Angkor temples and Siem Reap with a guide, I've found some great Cambodia tour programs which are not only affordable, but high quality and relatively small in size.

  Do you need practical traveling info, mundane stuff like visa, flight, and currency information? Perhaps this Cambodia travel info is not too exciting, but we still need it to get to Angkor.

So whether your trip is a short one or a long one, I hope you'll find some useful information here.

I believe no one can soon forget a visit to this great temple, considering how magical Angkor is.

You will love it!

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Angkor Wat Home
The great temple at the end of the day.
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